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It’s Only Natural, Folks… This Week’s Show Is All About Buck Owens!

We’ve been looking forward to this show for a while now, friends.  Our featured artist is not only a personal favorite of mine and Jim Ed’s…but he’s also one of Country Music’s all-time great pioneers.

A Texan by birth, he migrated West when we he was just a youngster.  After finally settling down in Bakersfield, California, Buck Owens would set the Country Music World on fire, and put that small, dusty town on the map…by creating a style of music that would carry the name world-wide.

But don’t take my word for it!  Click ‘Read More’ to hear it straight from the mouths of Bakersfield’s best…Buck Owens and Merle Haggard…

Get Ready For Our Mark Chesnutt Show!

Mark Chesnut


Folks, we are really excited about our show this week!


There was a time in the late 80’s, when country music had been in a bit of a skid.  More and more, Country artists were sounding like Pop artists.  The more traditional sounds of a fiddle and steel guitar were being traded in for sampled strings and drum machines.  True country fans were itching for someone or something to come around and save them from the stale, homogenized sounds that were coming in over the airwaves…


That’s when a young group of artists emerged who would come to be called the “Neo-Traditionalists.”  Artists like Dwight Yoakam, Vince Gill, Randy Travis….and this week’s featured artist, Mark Chesnutt.


These guys brought back traditional instrumentation and vocal phrasing, inspired by artist like Bob Wills and Buck Owens.  They were making music for fans of real country music who had had enough of the pop stylings of the 80’s.


And that’s why we want to tip our hat to Mark Chesnutt this week.  He was at the vanguard of the new traditionalist movement, but more importantly…his songs are just incredible!   He’s the definition of the traditional singer-songwriter, which seems to be getting more and more rare with each passing year.


He’s the real deal, and not only that…but he’s still going strong!  Mark is releasing new material to this day and you can still catch Mark in a live setting all over the country.  You can click here to find Mark’s current tour dates, if you wish.


But in the meantime, make sure to tune in to the Country Music Greats Radio Show this week, and see what all the fuss is about.  I promise you won’t regret it!


Have a great week and we’ll see you on the radio!






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Don’t Miss Our Clint Black Show!



Happy Friday, Folks!


Now, as you all know…we love the good, classic country around here.  The only problem is, the definition of classic is constantly changing with the passage of time.  As the clock ticks, more and more artists slip into that elusive genre of “classic.”

Well, we happen to think this man should be included in the new class of classic.  His first hit came out over 20 years ago after all!


The point is, this week’s episode of the Country Music Greats Radio Show is going to take a look at the life and career of Mr. Clint Black.  He’s had 13 Number One hits in his career, 5 ACM Awards, 2 CMA honors, and has performed on the hallowed Grand Ole Opry Stage.


You might also remember having seen him in some films too.  Did you ever see Flicka?  He starred in that one, and also played a supporting role in one of our favorite movies, Maverick.


Of course, as usual, we’ll be playing all of your classic favorites from the likes of Willie Nelson, Jean Shepard, and Buck Owens…


Be sure not to miss this one folks.  Put on your black cowboy hat and we’ll see you on the radio!


Clint’s Official Website






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New Releases From Buck Owens & Don Rich


Very exciting news today, folks!


Tomorrow (Jan. 22nd) will see the release of a new collection of Buck Owens tunes.   It’s called Honky Tonk Man: Buck Owens Sings Country Classics.   They’re all the standards you’ve come to know, and love.  Buck’s taking a turn on “Oklahoma Hills,” “Hey, Good Lookin’,” and “I’m Moving On.”


The complete track list can be found by clicking here.


I don’t know about you, but I’ll be picking this one up for sure.  And if that wasn’t enough…legendary Buck Owens lead guitarist and harmony vocalist Don Rich is also being honored with a release of his own.  It’s called Don Rich Sings George Jones, and if that doesn’t get your blood pumping, you need to have your pulse checked!


Don, of course, was instrumental in helping Buck develop the Bakersfield Sound…but was tragically lost in a motorcycle accident after leaving a recording session in 1974.  He was 32 years old.


He was taken too early, but man, what a talent!  Do yourself a favor and pick up both of these albums tomorrow and let us know what you think!  In the meantime, I’ll try and spin a couple of the tracks on our upcoming shows!


Don’t Miss This Week’s Dwight Yoakam Show!

I know you’re going to love this one, folks!  This week’s show is a celebration of the career of Mr. Dwight Yoakam.

We’re going to be playing all of his hits.  You know the ones, “Guitars, Cadillacs” “Honky Tonk Man” and of course “Streets of Bakersfield” featuring the incomparable Buck Owens.

We’re also going to be playing all of your old favorites that influenced Dwight…we’ve got Lefty Frizzell, Willie Nelson…and then we threw in a little George Jones because everyone needs a weekly Possum fix!

Hope to see you there!