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Don’t Miss Our Special Guest, Whisperin’ Bill Anderson!

Folks, if you follow our show at all, then you know that one of our favorite things we get to do is have great stars down at the Hard Scuffle Studios so Jim Ed can grill them with some questions. 

And this past week, we had one of the best of the best down here to kick off 2014 with some style!  Jim Ed’s good friend, Whisperin’ Bill Anderson came on down to tell us some stories, and talk about his new album that he’s releasing soon called Life.

Folks, Don’t Miss Our Tribute To The Singing Cowboys And Rex Allen Jr.!

Folks, if you’ve been pining for the days of clean-shaven heroes, horses with names, and simple tales of life on the prairie…then this weeks show is exactly what you need!

We were lucky enough to have singing cowboy legacy (and country star in his own right) Rex Allen Jr. down here at the Hard Scuffle Ranch Studios to chat with Jim Ed and, boy…did we have a great time. 

This Week, We’re All About Don Williams!





It’s me again, folks! I just wanted to share this video with you and let you know that this week’s Country Music Greats Radio Show is all about “The Gentle Giant” Mr. Don Williams!


We’ll be playing all the songs you know and love, and there are some interviews with Don from our archives lined up…you won’t want to miss it, friends!


Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on the radio!



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Tune In To Hear Jim Ed Brown and Jimmy Wayne Shoot The Breeze!

Jim Ed and Jimmy Wayne


Hey Folks! I just wanted to update you on this week’s show!


As you may have heard, we recently had country superstar Jimmy Wayne down here at the Hard Scuffle Studios to chat with Jim Ed! We’re going to hear their great conversation and play some of Jimmy’s hits!  We’ll hear “Stay Gone,” “I Love You This Much,” and Jimmy’s #1 hit “Do You Believe Me Now?”  Plus all your other country favorites!


Also, Jimmy has his own charity foundation that he is very passionate about. It’s called Project Meet Me Halfway, and it benefits at-risk youth in the foster care system. It’s a subject that’s near and dear to Jimmy’s heart, and they’re doing some great things…


For more info, visit www.projectmmh.org, and ‘like’ them right here on Facebook Project Meet Me Halfway.


Have a great week, and we’ll see you on the radio!



Tune In For Our Special Guest, Crystal Gayle!



Folks, we have a very special show in store for you this week!


Jim Ed’s friend Crystal Gayle came down to the Hard Scuffle Studios to chat with him…and I got it all on tape so you could hear it!


All you’ve got to do is tune in to your local country radio station and sit back while Jim Ed asks all the “hard hitting” questions like:  “How do you maintain that long hair?”


In all seriousness, Crystal is one of the kindest people you’re ever likely to meet, especially in the music business!  Not only that, but she has one of the prettiest and smoothest voices around.


I guess she should, she’s Loretta Lynn’s sister after all!  Did you know that?  Well, now you do!


Tune in for our show this week and learn even more about Crystal!  We’ll see you on the radio!






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Rhonda Vincent Came To Visit Us!



Folks, if you’re a fan of bluegrass, you simply cannot miss this week’s episode!


We were so lucky to have ‘The New Queen of Bluegrass’ Ms. Rhonda Vincent right here in our very own Hard Scuffle Studios to chat with Jim Ed!


She and Jim Ed are old friends, and it really showed in their candid conversation.  Jim Ed actually was one of the first people to introduce Rhonda to fans of country music, when she was a guest on TNN’s You Can Be A Star!  Ya’ll remember Jim Ed’s show?


Well, we are extremely grateful that Rhonda took time out of her busy touring schedule to chat with us, and it really made for a fantastic show.  It’s going to be one of our best!


So please do yourself a favor and tune in, folks.  You’ll hear all your favorite bluegrass and country artists, as well as an in-depth interview with the one-and-only Rhonda Vincent.


Have a great week, and we’ll see you on the radio!


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Tune In For Our Honored Guest, Jeannie Seely!



Fortune has smiled upon us again, friends!


This week, we were fortunate enough to have Grand Ole Opry Star Jeannie Seely come right on down to the Hard Scuffle Studios to sit down for an interview with our very own Jim Ed Brown!


Jeannie‘s probably best known for her 1966 Grammy winning country hit “Don’t Touch Me,” which peaked at number two on the country chart that year.  But she’s also had many other hits, such as “Can I Sleep In Your Arms?”, “I’ll Love You More (Than You Need),” and “It’s Only Love.”


Not to mention her series of fantastic duets with our featured artist from last week, Mr. Jack Greene!  They scored hits with “Wish I Didn’t Have To Miss You,” and “Much Obliged.”


But possibly more interesting than that, are all the great friends she’s made in country music over the years.  She’s got such a bubbly personality that it’s easy to see why everybody seems to love her so much!  She definitely had some stories to tell on some of our favorite country stars…and you’ll just have to tune into this week’s show to find out what they’re all about!


Check out this video of Jeannie singing a song she wrote for Faron Young back in 1972, “Leavin’ And Sayin’ Goodbye.”


Have a great weekend folks, and we’ll see you on the radio!



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Tune In For Our Tribute to Late, Great ‘Grand Ole Opry’ Star, Jack Greene!


(January 7th, 1930 – March 15th, 2013)



Hello, folks…


As I’m sure you all know, the country world lost a great artist when Jack Greene passed away on March 15th of this year.

There was no way to express our full sympathies to his family, but we thought it was the least we could do to dedicate an entire episode of the Country Music Greats Radio Show to this Grand Ole Opry legend.

We’ll be playing all of Jack’s songs that you know and love, including a few of his duets with Jeannie Seely, who was kind enough to come down and talk with Jim Ed for a while about her friend and duet partner.

We’ve also got an archived interview from Jack that we’ll be playing clips of as well.  It’ll be one of our better shows, and a special one for a lost friend.


Have a great weekend everybody, and we’ll see you on the radio!





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Dickey Lee Found His Way To The Hard Scuffle Studios!



Hello All!


This week, we were lucky enough to have singer/songwriter Dickey Lee right here in our studios to chat with Jim Ed!


In case you didn’t know…Dickey is the pen behind Tracy Byrd’s “The Keeper of the Stars,” John Schneider’s “I’ve Been Around Enough To Know…….oh yeah, and a little song by George Jones called “She Thinks I Still Care.”


He also had a string of hits himself in the 60’s, such as this classic I’m sure some of you will remember……enjoy “Patches” and we’ll see you on the radio!




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