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In Studio Guest: Will Hoge

Howdy Friends,

You’re in for a special treat on our show this weekend! Normally, we have Country Music Legends stop by the studio to talk to Jim Ed, but we thought it was high time for a Legend in the Making to sit down with our host. This week’s guest is Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Will Hoge.

This isn’t his first rodeo, and you may know Will already… as the man behind Eli Young Band‘s #1 hit, “Even If If Breaks Your Heart”… OR from his song “Strong”, which was featured in a Chevrolet Silverado Commercial.

Will Hoge just released his 9th studio album, “Small Town Dreams” this week (4/7) and we invited him to drop in and tell us about it, as well as play a few tracks from it, and a few from some of his favorite classic country artists.

You won’t want to miss Will Hoge and Jim Ed Brown swapping stories of Nashville’s ever changing landscape, and growing up ’round here. So tune in!

Click READ MORE for a live video of our guest, Will Hoge… AND for links to purchase his new record, “Small Town Dreams”.

In Studio Guest: Leroy Van Dyke

Howdy Folks,

We’ve had a busy past few weeks, and it’s only getting better! Hope y’all are well out there, and get to enjoy this Easter weekend with your family and friends. We hope you’ll include us in your weekend plans too, because we’ve got a great show on tap for you!

A long time friend and country music legend, Leroy Van Dyke, stopped in the studio here in Nashville not too long ago, and he’s our special guest for the week! You probably know him from his hits like “Auctioneer” and “Walk On By”, or maybe you’re more familiar with his widely successful “Country Gold Tour”. No matter the reason, be sure to tune in this weekend to hear some of LVD’s hits, AND some of the stories behind them! We had such a great time with him in the studio, we know you’ll love it!

Click READ MORE for a special Leroy Van Dyke video….

Spotlight Artist: Clint Black

Howdy friends!

It’s time to dust off your black cowboy hat and join us on this week’s show. We’re taking a trip back to the early 90’s and enjoying the music and illustrious career of Mr. Clint Black. You know him from his hits like “Better Man”, “Nobody’s Home”, and “When My Ship Comes In”, along with his beautiful duet with his wife, Lisa Hartman, “When I Said I Do”.

Clint was a member of the Class of 1989, and he came up with a few other now legendary names, including Alan Jackson and Garth Brooks. You KNOW we’ll be Rockin’ The Jukebox while we’re Killin’ Time on this week’s show. So don’t miss it!

Click READ MORE for a special video of Clint Black & his wife, live on the Grand Ole Opry.

Once, Twice… Join us for our Cover Songs Show this week!

Country Music is timeless… so timeless in fact, that many songs have become hits (again), years after they were first recorded. That’s right folks, this week’s show is all about cover songs. Country Musicians know a good song when they hear one, and they’re not afraid to re-cut a tune and make it their own. Maybe they put it a new spin on it… maybe they stuck to the original theme, to pay tribute to the songwriter and original artist…

Whatever the case may be, we’ve got a show FULL of ’em for ya. Take the song, “Sweet Dreams”… originally recorded by Faron Young in 1956, Don Gibson took a swing at it in 1961, Patsy Cline in 1963, and Emmylou Harris in 1976, followed by Reba McEntire in 1979. And that’s not all!

Click READ MORE for the original AND famous cover version of Jim Ed Brown’s “Pop A Top”…

Tune On In For M-M-M-Mel Tillis!

Folks, he’s quite possibly the most endearing stutterer since Porky Pig…

Lonnie Melvin Tillis has, over the course of his 47-year career, found considerable success across almost every media platform out there…He’s been a singer, songwriter, publisher, actor, even a breeder of exotic limousin bulls!

Of course, he’s created a tremendous catalog of recorded hits, including “These Lonely Hands Of Mine,” “Southern Rains,” “Good Woman Blues,” Heart Healer” and “Coca Cola Cowboy.” He has also appeared in 13 films, including W.W. And The Dixie Dance Kings, Smokey And The Bandit II, Cannonball Run (I and II) and Every Which Way But Loose.

Don’t Forget To Join Us, This Week’s Show Is All About The Lovely, Dottie West!

Folks, this episode will be a very special one.  Dottie West and our favorite host, Jim Ed Brown were very close during her lifetime, and he is just thrilled to be able to celebrate her life with you all…

If you didn’t know, Dottie West was a tremendous talent in Country Music.  Not only a great singer and performer, but her songwriting talents were among the best in the business.

And, she also gave us this little jewel of a commercial…check it out after the jump…

It’s Only Natural, Folks… This Week’s Show Is All About Buck Owens!

We’ve been looking forward to this show for a while now, friends.  Our featured artist is not only a personal favorite of mine and Jim Ed’s…but he’s also one of Country Music’s all-time great pioneers.

A Texan by birth, he migrated West when we he was just a youngster.  After finally settling down in Bakersfield, California, Buck Owens would set the Country Music World on fire, and put that small, dusty town on the map…by creating a style of music that would carry the name world-wide.

But don’t take my word for it!  Click ‘Read More’ to hear it straight from the mouths of Bakersfield’s best…Buck Owens and Merle Haggard…

Come Celebrate ’90’s Country With The Music Of Mr. Tracy Byrd!

You know, for the most part on our show…the 1990’s in Country Music doesn’t get all that much attention.  Sure, we’ll play one every now and then, if it’s one of the greats…but I feel like there’s at least one 90’s Country star that hasn’t gotten the attention he deserves from us…

Folks, I’m talking about Mr. Tracy Byrd.

Join Us On Our American Cities Tour!

Hello, folks!

Don’t you dare forget to tune in to this week’s Country Music Greats Radio Show!  This will be a an interesting one because we’re going to be traveling all over North America in search of the best Country Music……but YOU don’t have to move a muscle!  Your job is to just sit back and listen while we jump from city to city….

We’re going to be all over the map because, this week, we’re featuring the best “City” songs in country music…You know what a “City” song is, right?

Let’s All Raise A Glass To Great Country ‘Drinkin’ Songs!

Break out the bottle, folks! 

This week, we’re celebrating a Country Music tradition that ranks right up there with: Love Songs, Cheatin’ Songs, and Truckin’ Songs.  This week is nothing but the best Drinking Songs!

And some of Country Music’s all-time greats have dealt with man’s relationship to the bottle (well, men and women, really).  And we’re going to hear all the of the best on this week’s show.