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Let’s All Raise A Glass To Great Country ‘Drinkin’ Songs!

Break out the bottle, folks! 

This week, we’re celebrating a Country Music tradition that ranks right up there with: Love Songs, Cheatin’ Songs, and Truckin’ Songs.  This week is nothing but the best Drinking Songs!

And some of Country Music’s all-time greats have dealt with man’s relationship to the bottle (well, men and women, really).  And we’re going to hear all the of the best on this week’s show.

Tune In For Our Special Guest, Crystal Gayle!



Folks, we have a very special show in store for you this week!


Jim Ed’s friend Crystal Gayle came down to the Hard Scuffle Studios to chat with him…and I got it all on tape so you could hear it!


All you’ve got to do is tune in to your local country radio station and sit back while Jim Ed asks all the “hard hitting” questions like:  “How do you maintain that long hair?”


In all seriousness, Crystal is one of the kindest people you’re ever likely to meet, especially in the music business!  Not only that, but she has one of the prettiest and smoothest voices around.


I guess she should, she’s Loretta Lynn’s sister after all!  Did you know that?  Well, now you do!


Tune in for our show this week and learn even more about Crystal!  We’ll see you on the radio!






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Ya’ll Get Ready For Loretta Lynn!



Folks, I’m so excited about this week’s episode!


This week, we’re focusing all of our attention on the Queen of Country Music, the one-and-only Loretta Lynn!  We’ve got all her best songs lined up, plus some interview clips from way back when.  You’ve just got to hear some of the stories she has to tell about how she wrote some of her classic songs!


Don’t forget to tune in folks!


Also, I’ve got Jim Ed bringing in some new recipe’s soon, so keep an eye out for those right here on our site.  Jim Ed’s one ace of a cook!


Keep checking back, and in the meantime…check out this video of Loretta singing “Coal Miner’s Daughter.”  It’s a great version and she also tells some stories and talks to the audience a bit.  It’s classic Loretta.


We’ll see you on the radio!




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Meet Me In 1968 And Don’t Be Late!




Howdy to all you great country fans out there…


Guess what?  This week’s Country Music Greats Radio Show is all about the year 1968!  Boy, I wasn’t even born yet in 1968, but I reckon that’s when country music hit a tremendously creative and adventurous period.


Between The Hag’s “Sing Me Back Home,”  Henson Cargill’s “Skip A Rope,”  and Loretta Lynn’s “Fist City,” I don’t see how anyone couldn’t love that music or what it meant for the Country genre as a whole.


It’s one of my favorites and I’m truly excited to be able to bring all these great tunes to all you fine folks out there in radio land.   This one’s for the record books, folks!


Enjoy this video of  “Sing Me Back Home,” then hop in our time machine with us and set the dial to 1968!  We’ll see you on  the radio!



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Going Back For Seconds With Christmas In The Country!


It’s that time again, folks!

We had so much fun on our Christmas in the Country show last week, that we decided to serve up another heaping portion of good, old-fashioned country goodness.  The idea of the show is the same, but we’ve got a whole new batch of great songs just waiting for you.

Loretta Lynn will be there, George Jones, and not to mention Merle Haggard.  Have you ever heard his version of  “Silver Bells?”  It’s one of the best out there, in my opinion.

So crank the show up loud while you wrap presents and cook that Christmas turkey.  We’ll be there with just the right songs to inspire the Christmas Spirit.

Have a very Merry Christmas, and we’ll see you on the radio!

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