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Whiskey Soaked Tunes

Howdy Folks!

“Cigarettes, Whiskey, and Wild, Wild Women… they’ll drive you crazy, they’ll drive you insane…” is a line from a Country Standard that still hold true today. Classic Country Music played on several themes… and drinking has always been one of them. We’re getting a little more specific this week, and focusing on whiskey.

Whether it’s Jack, Jim, Johnnie… or any of their friends… Country artists have consistently looked to them for inspiration and the cure to whatever ails them. We’ll hear from George Jones, Marty Stuart, Hank Williams Jr, Merle, and even Dierks Bentley this week. That’s right… some of the newer guys even know a few things about their whiskey!

So, call your designated driver and hide the keys to your lawnmower… because we’re playing you ALL the best Country tunes about Whiskey this weekend on the Country Music Greats Radio Show.

Click “READ MORE” for a special live performance from 2 of our featured artists this week…

It’s Only Natural, Folks… This Week’s Show Is All About Buck Owens!

We’ve been looking forward to this show for a while now, friends.  Our featured artist is not only a personal favorite of mine and Jim Ed’s…but he’s also one of Country Music’s all-time great pioneers.

A Texan by birth, he migrated West when we he was just a youngster.  After finally settling down in Bakersfield, California, Buck Owens would set the Country Music World on fire, and put that small, dusty town on the map…by creating a style of music that would carry the name world-wide.

But don’t take my word for it!  Click ‘Read More’ to hear it straight from the mouths of Bakersfield’s best…Buck Owens and Merle Haggard…

Join Us On Our American Cities Tour!

Hello, folks!

Don’t you dare forget to tune in to this week’s Country Music Greats Radio Show!  This will be a an interesting one because we’re going to be traveling all over North America in search of the best Country Music……but YOU don’t have to move a muscle!  Your job is to just sit back and listen while we jump from city to city….

We’re going to be all over the map because, this week, we’re featuring the best “City” songs in country music…You know what a “City” song is, right?

Let’s All Raise A Glass To Great Country ‘Drinkin’ Songs!

Break out the bottle, folks! 

This week, we’re celebrating a Country Music tradition that ranks right up there with: Love Songs, Cheatin’ Songs, and Truckin’ Songs.  This week is nothing but the best Drinking Songs!

And some of Country Music’s all-time greats have dealt with man’s relationship to the bottle (well, men and women, really).  And we’re going to hear all the of the best on this week’s show.

Give Me More, More, More (Of Lefty Frizzell)!





William Orville “Lefty” Frizzell was, without question, one of the most influential performers in country music history.  Merle Haggard described him as “the most unique thing that ever happened to country music.”  And if that wasn’t enough, stars such as George Jones, Roy Orbison, George Strait, Keith Whitley, and Randy Travis have all listed him as an influence.  

With endorsements like that, we should be doing Lefty Frizzell shows every week! 

Unfortunately for us all, that’s just not realistic…however, the good news is that THIS weeks show is all about the legend himself. 

Not only that, but we dug around in our vaults for some great interview clips of your favorite stars discussing Lefty and his vast web of influence, and if you don’t know Lefty….this is a perfect primer for you.  It’s nothing but pure country history here, folks!

So make sure to join us, this week, on the Country Music Greats Radio Show….we’ll see you there!


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Meet Me In 1968 And Don’t Be Late!




Howdy to all you great country fans out there…


Guess what?  This week’s Country Music Greats Radio Show is all about the year 1968!  Boy, I wasn’t even born yet in 1968, but I reckon that’s when country music hit a tremendously creative and adventurous period.


Between The Hag’s “Sing Me Back Home,”  Henson Cargill’s “Skip A Rope,”  and Loretta Lynn’s “Fist City,” I don’t see how anyone couldn’t love that music or what it meant for the Country genre as a whole.


It’s one of my favorites and I’m truly excited to be able to bring all these great tunes to all you fine folks out there in radio land.   This one’s for the record books, folks!


Enjoy this video of  “Sing Me Back Home,” then hop in our time machine with us and set the dial to 1968!  We’ll see you on  the radio!



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1970, Here We Come!


You know, just a couple of weeks ago, we went back to 1969 to revisit all the greatest country tunes from that year.  I figured, while we’re here…why not just stick around and check out 1970 too!


So that’s what we did!  And guess who we found there…Sonny James, Tom T. Hall, Charley Pride, Marty Robbins…the whole gang!


We even found the CMA Song of the Year, “Okie From Muskogee.”  Check out this video of Willie and Merle doing this song live from 2009, they’re having a blast!



You know we’ll be playing this one…plus all your other favorites.


So, tune us in and party like it’s 1970!  We’ll see you on the radio!


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We’re Going Back In Time to 1969!


Howdy Folks!


Boy, am I glad I took our time machine in for a tune up last week!

Wouldn’t you know it, Jim Ed comes struttin’ in and bellows, “James, we’re going on a little trip!”

“Where to, Jim Ed?”


“Not where…when, ha ha ha.”


And before I know it, we’re hopping in our old time machine and heading back to 1969, and we brought back all the best country songs of that year.  We’ve got Johnny Cash, Tammy Wynette, and Merle Haggard with us.  But we also had some stowaways like Roger Miller and Del Reeves!

No matter, all are welcome here at the Hard Scuffle Studios!

You don’t want to miss this one, friends.  Make sure to tune in and see what we’re up to, we’ll be waiting for you.


Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on the radio!

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Going Back For Seconds With Christmas In The Country!


It’s that time again, folks!

We had so much fun on our Christmas in the Country show last week, that we decided to serve up another heaping portion of good, old-fashioned country goodness.  The idea of the show is the same, but we’ve got a whole new batch of great songs just waiting for you.

Loretta Lynn will be there, George Jones, and not to mention Merle Haggard.  Have you ever heard his version of  “Silver Bells?”  It’s one of the best out there, in my opinion.

So crank the show up loud while you wrap presents and cook that Christmas turkey.  We’ll be there with just the right songs to inspire the Christmas Spirit.

Have a very Merry Christmas, and we’ll see you on the radio!

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This One’s For All The Moms & Dads Out There!

Hello there, Country Music Fans!

It’s been awhile since we’ve updated here, but we’re getting back into the swing of things with one of the best shows we’ve ever done.

I hope everyone’s had a good week.  If you have, it’s about to get even better…this week’s Country Music Greats Radio Show is all about some of the most important people in anyone’s life….their mother and father!  That’s right, this week’s show is all about Mom & Pop, and we’re going to be playing all of your favorites.  How about “Daddy Sang Bass,” by Johnny Cash?  “Fujiyama Mama” by Patsy Cline?  Of course we can’t forget “Mom & Dad Waltz” by Lefty Frizzell!

We’re going to be playing all these and more!

Please do join us for this week’s Country Music Greats Radio Show…hope to see you there!